2017 – 2018 Alberta World Cup
Academy Athletes


Alpine Insurance Alberta World Cup Academy
Annika Hicks
Annika Hicks Info

Year of Birth: 1991
Hometown: Canmore, AB
Club: Canmore Nordic Ski Club
Years on Academy: 6

Career Highlights: 

  • 47th in the Ski Tour Canada
  • Becoming Junior National Champion in front of a home crowd in Canmore 2011
  • Represented Canada at World Junior Championships and U23’s in 2011, 2012, and 2013
  • Making a comeback after missing a season due to injury

Favorite Place to Ski: Sovereign Lakes

Favorite Recovery Meal: Homemade bagels and bacon or carbonara with Canmore Past Co. noodles….really anything involving bacon…

Interesting Fact about Annika: Her best friend is my dog, Sophie!
Personal Sponsors:Trail Sports and Hicks Intellectual Property Law

Equipment:Fischer, Swix

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Dominique Moncion-Groulx
Dominique Moncion-Groulx

What year were you born? 1993
Where is your hometown? Gatineau (Aylmer), QC
What is your home club? Nakkertok Nordique
Years at the Academy: 3rd year already!

Skiing achievements you are proud of?
– 1st (quali er and heats), 2017 Canadian Eastern Championships, Classic sprint
– 1st quali er, 3rd heats, 2017 Canadian Westerns Championships, Skate sprint
– 3rd 2016-2017 Buff Sprint NorAm series
– 5th 2016-2017 Haywood NorAm series
– Representing Québec at the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Prince George and winning a silver
medal in the relay.

Instagram: domogro
Twitter: @domogro
Facebook: dominique.monciongroulx

What is an interesting fact about yourself?I just discovered last summer that I enjoy fishing. I also take correspondence courses with the Laval University (Québec).
Your favorite place to ski race? Nakkertok, QC and Whistler
What is your best recovery meal?Any leftovers from the night before.
Any inspirational quote that you would like to share? “Life is all about minimizing regrets. You will never regret your failures and successes, but you will always regret never trying” John Hastings

Your personal sponsors: Rundle Sport
What equipment do you use? skis, poles, boots/bindings.

  • Fischer skis, boots and bindings
  • Swix poles
  • Rundle sport rollerskis
  • Julbo Eyewear

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Knute Johnsgaard
Laurence Dumais Info

What year were you born? 1997
Where is your hometown? St-Jerome, Qc
What is your Home Club? Fondeurs-Laurentides
Years on Academy: 1


Skiing Achievements you are proud of:
– 2012 nationals champion
– 3rd in the aggregate, 2013 Whistler nationals
– Quebec cups champion, 2014
– 3rd in the classic sprint, Thunder Bay nationals 2015

Instagram: @laurence.dumais
Facebook: Laurence Dumais

What is an interesting fact about yourself? Used to be a competitve road biker before becoming competitve skier.
What is your favorite place to ski race: Feutersoey, Switzerland
What is your favorite recovery meal: Lots of pasta!
Any inspirational quote that you would like to share? “Don’t lose the grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive” – Survivor guitarist Frankie Sullivan and keyboardist Jim Peterik

What equipment do you use? skis, poles, boots and bindings.

  • Fischer
  • Swix
Patrick Stewart Jones
Patrick Stewart-Jones Info

Year of Birth: 1991
Hometown: Chelsea, QC
Club: Nakkertok
Years on Academy: 6

Career Highlights:

  • 2015 Overall NorAm Sprint Cup
  • 10 World Cup Starts including competing in the Ski Tour Canada
  • 3rd 2014 Olympic Trials Skate Sprint
  • Represent Canada at World U23 and Junior Championships 4 times

Favorite Place to Ski: A tie between Nakkertok and Sovereign Lakes, BC

Favorite Recovery Meal: Protein Shake, eggs and a bowl of rice or if all else fails pizza

Words I live by: “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.” – Steve Jobs

Interesting Fact about Patrick: Patrick comes from a very athletic family, with his brother winning a silver medal at the 2016 World Rowing Championships and twin sisters having both represented Canada at the World Junior Championships in cross country skiing. Oh, and Patrick can’t whistle.

Personal Sponsors:
Classic Wood Mouldings
Jamie Coatsworth
Dr. Bervely McKeown and Family

Instagram: patricksj
Twitter: @PatrickS_J
Equipment: Salomon

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Antoine Hebert
Antoine Hebert Info

Year of Birth: 1996
Hometown: Varennes, QC
Club: Montériski
Years on Academy: 2

Career Highlights: 

  • Quebec Cup Champion – Junior Men
  • 4th Junior Men – Overall Quebec Cup 2015-2016
  • 4th 2015 Eastern Canadian Championships – 15km Classic
  • 4th 2014 Eastern Canadian Championships – 15km Classic
  • 7th 2015 Canadian National Championships – 15km Classic
  • 1st (3rd Open) 2016 Quebec Cup – Far Hills, 10km Classic
  • 8th Open (2nd U23) Western Canadian Championships – 15km Classic

Favorite Place to Ski: Silver Star
Favorite Recovery Meal: Chocolate Milk
Words I live By: “No Pain, No Gain.”
Interesting Fact about Antoine: He wants to go to law school after he’s finished skiing!

Personal Sponsors:

Ville de Varennes


Les Entrepôts A.B.


Website: frereshebert.athletesdici.ca
Instagram: antoine_heb
Facebook: www.facebook.com/antoine.hebert.96

Equipment: Fischer, Swix

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Delphine Duvernay Tardif
Etienne Hebert

What year were you born? 1998
Where is your hometown? Varennes
What is your Home Club? Montériski
Years on Academy: 0


Skiing Achievements you are proud of:
– 17th at Junior World Championship in 2017 (Sprint)
– 1st at Canadian Championship in 2017 (Sprint)
– 1st at Canadian Eastern Championship in 2017 (Sprint + Distance classic)
– 2nd qualifying time at American Senior Championship in 2017 (Sprint)
– Canadian Champion (2016)

Website: http://frereshebert.athletesdici.ca/
Instagram: etienne.heb
Facebook: Étienne Hébert

What is an interesting fact about yourself? I was in a theater group for two years when I was in secondary school, I can play the ukulele and I probably drink a little bit to much coffee.
What is your favorite place to ski race: Campra, Switzerland
What is your favorite recovery meal: Just give me some pastas
Any inspirational quote that you would like to share? “There is no pain you can’t handle for a couple of minutes”
Personal Sponsors Website address? Kronobar https://www.kronobar.com/

What equipment do you use? skis, poles, boots and bindings.

  • Fischer skis, boots and bindings
  • Swix Poles
  • Bliz Glasses
Luke Gerwing
Luke Gerwing Info

Year of Birth: 1997
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Club: Edmonton Nordic
Years on Academy: 3
Career Highlights:

  • 3rd Place 2013 National Championships Classic Sprint
  • 2nd Canadian 2015 Western Canadian Championships Skate Sprint
  • 8th Canadian 2015 National Championships Classic Sprint
  • 7th 2012 National Championships 5km Classic Individual
  • 18th Canadian 2015 National Championships 7.5km Classic Individual

Favorite Place to Ski: Sovereign Lakes, BC
Favorite Recovery Meal: Fully loaded omelet with toast
Words I live by: “You only fail if you give up. The second you decide ‘oh I’m not gonna do that, I’m just gonna give up’, that’s you. You’re the one making that choice. You’re the one choosing to fail. You have to make the decision to fail. Whereas if you don’t ever make that decision. You say no I’m gonna keep going until it freaking happens, well then you don’t fail, you’re just in the process of making it happen… my time in this life is limited, but the things I can do in this time are not” – Jeb Corliss: BASE-jumper, Wingsuit Pilot

Interesting Fact about Luke: Play the violin, guitar, ukelele, and the piano.
Personal Sponsors: Fast Trax Run and Ski Shop

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Thomas Manktelow
Thomas Manktelow Info

Year of Birth: 1998
Hometown: Canmore, AB
Club: Canmore Nordic Ski Club
Years on Academy: 1

Career Highlights:

  • Midget NorAm Champion
  • 2nd Canadian National Championships – Sprint
  • 3rd Overall 2014 Canadian National Championships
  • 1st 2014 Western Canadian Championships – Sprint
  • Eastern Canadian Champion 2016

Favorite Place to Ski: Canmore Nordic Centre
Favorite Recovery Meal: Smoothie and eggs

Words I live by: “Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there”

Interesting Fact about Thomas: He can ride a unicycle!
Personal Sponsors: Rossignol, Unlimited Skate and Snow

Facebook: Thomas Manktelow
Instagram: thomasmanktelow
Equipment: Rossignol

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Dahria Beatty
Dahria Beatty Info

Year of Birth: 1994
Hometown: Whitehorse, YK
Club: Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club
Years on Academy: 6

Career Highlights: 

  • 15th Ski Tour Canada – Canmore classic sprint stage
  • 2015-2016 Haywood NorAm series winner and Buff Sprint NorAm series winner
  • 25th -2016 Davos World Cup – Skate Sprint
  • 12th – 2017 U23 World Championships – Classic Sprint
  • 1st – 2016 National Championships – 10km skate and skate sprint

Favorite Place to Ski: Sovereign Lakes, BC
Favorite Recovery Meal: Fruit/banana/protein powder smoothie sprinkled with coconut, slivered almonds, chia seed and chocolate chips
Words I live by: “Great things never came from comfort zones” “Happiness is a warm butt” ~ Every woman who skis.
Interesting Fact about Dahria: She’s 23 years old and has always lived with a dog!

Personal Sponsors:

Ryanwood Exploration

Skookum Asphalt Ltd.

Icycle Sport

Rancho Vignola

Buff Canada

Capital Helicopters

Alkan Air

Website: www.dahriabeatty.com

Instagram: dahriabeatty
Twitter: @DahriaBeatty
Facebook: dahriabeattyskier


  • Fischer
  • Swix
  • Rottefella

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Jack Carlyle
Jack Carlyle Info

Year of Birth: 1993
Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Club: Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club
Years on Academy: 3

Career Highlights: 

  • U23 2016 World Championship Team
  • 32nd 2016 U23 World Championships – 15km Skate
  • 3rd Aggregate U23 Men – 2016 Canadian National Championships
  • 8th – 2016 Canadian National Chamionships – 10km Classic
  • 3rd – 2015 Canadian Eastern Championships – 15km Skate

Favorite Place to Ski:

  • Silver Star, BC
  • Paulson, BC
  • Hiawatha Highlands, ON

Favorite Recovery Meal: Pancakes, smoothies, coffee, anything breakfast related. Or the leftovers from the previous day, that’s pretty incredible.
Words I live by: “Life is like going the wrong way on a moving sidewalk, to get ahead you gotta hustle.”
Interesting Fact about Jack: He’s a big food person, and he can thank his mother for that. It’s about the simple pleasures in life; cheese, bread, peanut butter, cream, avocado, eggs, pasta etc.

Personal Sponsors: Listed on jackcarlyle.squarespace.com

Website: jackcarlyle.squarespace.com
Instagram: jackcarlyle
Twitter: @carlylejack

Equipment: Alpina, Fischer, Swix, Oakley (Shades on Caribou)

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Michael Macisaac-Jones
Michael MacIsaac-Jones Info

Year of Birth: 1997
Hometown: Athabasca, AB
Club: Rocky Mountain Racers
Years on Academy: 2

Career Highlights: 

  • Top 5 at Canadian National Championships

Favorite Place to Ski Race: Canmore Nordic Centre
Favorite Recovery Meal: Pasta with meat sauce
Interesting Fact about Michael: He grew up on a farm in northern Alberta where we had cattle and chickens!

Instagram: michael_macisaac

Equipment:  Rossignol

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