The Alpine Insurance Alberta World Cup Academy is proud to announce that five of its athletes will be attending the Canada Winter Games in Red Deer, starting on February 23rd.  All athletes selected are part of our new “training grounds” in Calgary, combining post-secondary education at the University of Calgary and training in cross-country skiing.

The following athlete-students have been nominated to represent their respective provinces and territories:

Photo Credit: Bow Valley Photography

Nicolas Bennett, Northwest Territories

1st year Bachelor of Arts, University of Calgary

“I am totally thrilled to once again represent my province at the games.  I’ll be studying and reading as much as I can in my free time, luckily we have some days off in between races which will give me some time to focus on studies and take the burden of racing off my mind.”




Photo Credit: Bow Valley Photography


Elizabeth Elliott, British Columbia

1st year Bachelor of Biological Science, University of Calgary

“I’m super excited for Canada Games and it will be fun to compete with my province once again while competing against my new academy teammates!  For me the most challenging thing about combining school and skiing is the missing Labs!  Luckily my laboratory technicians have been very easy to work with and I’ve been able to get in some make-up labs!”



Photo Credit: Bow Valley Photography

Beth Granstrom, British Columbia

1st year Bachelor of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary

“When I first found out I was selected to represent my province at the CWG,  I was ecstatic.  Canada Games only happens every four years so it is almost a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I am proud to represent the province that has supported me and raised me to become a high-performance athlete.”




Photo Credit: Bow Valley Photography

Hannah Jirousek, Yukon

1st year Bachelor of Science, University of Calgary


“I’m really excited! I was so excited to see my name on the list and to be able to race with my home team again!  I am looking forward to a fun and challenging week of racing in Red Deer!”




Photo Credit: Bow Valley Photography

Amanda Thomson, Yukon

1st year Concurrent Bachelor of Mathematic and Education, University of Calgary

“Canada Winter Games is a busy week to begin with, and combining University school work can be hard to manage.  This is why I’ll be completing most of my academic work the week before CWG.  This will give me an opportunity to focus on my races and be relatively stress free throughout the week.”




Photo Credit: Bow Valley Photography

Along with athletes, Academy Coach Allison McArdle will also be taking part in the Canada Winter Games supporting the Alberta Team.

“I’m really excited to be able to take part in a mini Olympics in my adopted country. Team Alberta includes a lot of athletes I have coached as part of Canmore Nordic and the Alberta Ski Team and I’m looking forward to seeing them push themselves against the best skiers in the country at this event. It is also a unique opportunity to see the athletes in the Calgary based program race for their respective provinces, I imagine I will be tired from all the cheering!