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2019-2020 Alberta World Cup
Academy Coaches


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Chris Jeffries
Program Director/Head Coach

Chris Jeffries Info

 Year of Birth: 1976
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Years coaching the Academy: 9

Career Highlights: 

  • 2006 Olympian

Favorite Place to Ski: Gatineau, QC
Favorite Recovery Meal: Pasties!
Interesting Fact about Chris: He has two children!

Anneke Winegarden
High Performance Coach

Anneke Winegarden Info

Year of Birth: Older than the athletes, younger than Chris Jeffries
Club: Nakkertok
Years on Academy: 2
Education: MSc Exercise Physiology (candidate), BSc Human Kinetics

Career Highlights:

  • A QCCup where I botched the klister selection really bad for the 1st race, but then nailed it for the last race #Perseverance

Favorite Place to Ski: Trail 3, Gatineau Park, In the dark

Favorite Recovery Meal:  Homemade green smoothie (kale, banana, coconut milk, vanilla protein powder, whatever berry is on sale)

Interesting Fact about Me:  In the off season I plan bike tours around breweries/ wineries.  Most recently in Belgium and Napa Valley, CA

Personal Sponsors:  Taking applications

Instagram: winegardena

Equipment: Best deal I could find 5 years ago

Julia Mehre Ystgaard
High Performance Coach

Julia Mehre Ystgaard Info

High Performance Coach

Year of Birth: 1998
Club: Kjelsas IL
Years on Academy: 1
Education: In my final year of a Bachelor in Coaching and Sport Psychology at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

Career Highlights:

  • Getting my job at the Academy, of course!

Favorite Place to Ski: It will probably be Canmore very soon, but for now I will have to say Sognefjellet, Norway (if the weather is good)

Favorite Recovery Meal:  Chocolate Milk

Interesting Fact about Me: Born and Raised in Oslo, Norway, but currently pretending to be Canadian

Instagram: juliamystgaard

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