Inside the Fence - World Cup warmups. © FIS

Inside the Fence – World Cup warmups. © FIS

Compilation of FIS Cross Country video.
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Since the beginning of the season, FIS Cross-Country has partnered with 7th Frame Productions to produce high-quality behind the scenes videos from the FIS Cross-Country World Cup. The quality improvement of the ‘Inside the Fence’ series by FIS Cross-Country has been noticeable and widely met with approval.

1374887_10151958352054925_1251308424_nThe FIS Cross-Country team and 7th Frame have produced videos from Ruka, Lillehammer, Val di Fiemme and Otepää. Behind the scenes stories will be also unveiled in Östersund, Lahti, Drammen and Oslo.

If you want to know what it takes to ski the final climb of the FIS Tour de Ski on Alpe Cermis, or you are eager to learn how to make a perfect lunge and win every sprint, visit FIS Cross-Country Youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe not to miss any new behind the scenes video!

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