Frozen Thunder 2023 is at risk of melting. Please see article in Rocky Moutain Outlook

An extra $20,000 is required to make Frozen Thunder 2023 happen.

The snow pit used to store early season snow is undergoing necessary upgrades this summer. For 2023, snow will be stored in an open pile covered in sawdust. A lot of sawdust. Twenty-five (25) truck loads are required to protect the snow over the summer.

While the Frozen Thunder financial partners are committed to funding the roll-out of Frozen Thunder, the impact of the new snow storage cost is too large. We are reaching out to the nordic community – those who have enjoyed years of early skiing on Frozen Thunder and wish to continue to do so – to help bridge the financial gap for the 2023 season.

Since 2009, Frozen Thunder has been financed through a partnership of sport organizations in conjunction with the Canmore Nordic Centre. Nordiq Canada, Biathlon Canada, Nordiq Alberta, Biathlon Alberta, Alberta World Cup Society and Winsport have been the investors that make Frozen Thunder happen. The benefit of that financial investment, over a million dollars spanning the life of the track, is access to early season skiing for athletes, ski club programs, and recreational skiers for little to no cost.

Please, help stop the melt so we can all enjoy Frozen Thunder in 2023.

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