Alberta World Cup Launches Cross-Country Ski Training Centre in Calgary

New option for Elite development cross country skiers to combine higher education and high performance training
November 16, 2017
CANMORE – Bridging the gap between high performance sport and higher learning, the Alpine Insurance Alberta World Cup Academy (AIAWCA) will expand from the mountains into the city by launching a new training centre in Calgary. This will allow athletes to excel in cross-country skiing while studying at the University of Calgary.
Canadian athletes and their families have demanded this type of program for years to better prepare for both their racing and working careers. As stated in the Cross Country Canada Women’s Committee Report on the 2016-17 athlete surveys, one of the most significant issues is “…athletes are frustrated with the current development model in Canada. There is a strong demand for more support to attend university while still training towards the elite level.”
The AIAWCA is addressing this need. Starting in August 2018, High Performance Director and Head Coach Chris Jeffries will lead the Training Centre in Calgary, crafting a new model for athletes where higher education will be just as important as high performance.
“This is a game changer. We have recognized that ours is a sport where development happens over a period of years and athletes today do not want to forestall their education in order to pursue their goal of being chosen for the National Ski Team and represent Canada internationally. Our Canmore program will continue to be for those elite developing cross country skiers who want to focus primarily on training. Our Calgary program will add the option to combine studies and sport. The Calgary and Canmore training groups will train together often and will be led by world-class coaches,” said Norbert Meier, President, Alberta World Cup Society.
The Calgary-based program will offer:
·     The opportunity to race at a high level while completing a University degree.
·     A training schedule crafted around an academic course load.
·     A flexible racing schedule to reach the goals of a student athlete.
·     A support team of coaches, physiotherapists, sports psychologists, and more.
Since its inception in 2008, the Alpine Insurance Alberta World Cup Academy has built an unprecedented record helping athletes reach the Olympics. The Calgary Training Centre will be a natural expansion of our Canmore program to help fulfill a need we know exists for Canada’s developing cross-country ski athletes. Athletes interested in finding out more about the Calgary Training Centre can visit:, we will be offering information session at many races this season.