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The Academy will continue to offer two options for training in the upcoming 2019-20 season.  One Team – Two Locations – Canmore and Calgary.  This will be our second year running a Training Centre in Calgary allowing athletes to excel in cross-country skiing while studying in the program of their choice at the University of Calgary.

Q & A

How is the Calgary Based program structured?

Training at the Calgary based Training Centre, you are able to decide if you want to train on a  full year basis with the Academy or an 8-month (school calendar year) basis, providing individual flexibility around where you live and the depth of annual support you are looking for. The program allows you to move between the Calgary and Canmore based programs freely, as it suits your goals for your academic and training/racing life and you can even decide to go home for the summer to train with your home club, if that is something that works best for you.  Price structure of the program will be similar to our current Academy price.  Team fees for the 2018-19 season are $458/month on an annual basis. We expect to have our 2018-19 Team Fees established by mid-January 2019.

What does the training schedule look like?

The training schedule for all athletes in the Calgary Based program is designed to facilitate full-time studies.  Mid-week training is based from the University area that boasts excellent inner-city options for running, hill work and rollerskiing.  Weekend training varies between Calgary and the Bow Valley.  Camps are organized with Canmore athletes when possible and the whole team travels together for races.

Who will be coaching this program?

The Alpine Insurance AWCA  High-Performance Director and Head Coach, Chris Jeffries leads this new model for athletes. This is more than a club, as athletes are leveraging our current integrated support team (IST), offering the same services we provide our athletes in Canmore.  Our IST services are based at the Calgary Sport Institute that also supports the Canmore National Ski Team athletes;  physiology/testing, strength, sport psychology, paramedical services and nutrition.

Who is this program targeted to?

Developing athletes whose post-secondary education is as important to complete as high performance in cross-country skiing.  Athletes who are motivated in pursuing both goals at the same time.

What is the criteria of selection for the program?

Each athlete will be looked at based on performance. For example – Top 10 at Nationals, Top 5 at Noram, Top 3 at a Provincial Cup and training history.  We want to get away from the CPL model; performance on individual races is more what we will focus on.

What is the annual racing/training/camp calendar?

We will prioritize Academics without sacrificing training and performance goals.  We will be modelling our racing calendar against U Sport and NCAA program schedules, attending races that make sense for our Academic Calendar.  The calendar will be designed for ultimate success in your university studies.

How can I find out more?

You can email Chris directly or  you can easily direct message us on Instagram.  We look forward to talking to you

For more information on our current Canmore program, please see our program guidelines page: Program Guidelines


Nov. 16 Press Release Announcing new program

Interested in applying at our Calgary Based Training Centre

Your first step should be to apply at the University of Calgary in the program of your choice to secure a spot, as soon as possible.   Admissions is now open, please consult the University of Calgary website for more information.
Your second step, please fill out the application below.

You have questions, email us at or direct message us on Instagram.

Testimonials from parents:

“What I would like to say is that the Alberta World Cup Society Program, with its affiliation to the University of Calgary, is an extremely well thought out combination.  By having the athletes/students first meet up in August to ski on the Haig Glacier, time was given to this unique group to get to know each other and bond around several activities.  The program brought together people of “like” minds sets.  When it came to registering for their first year at the university, these athletes came in as a strongly knit and supportive cohort.  They train together and often form study groups together, organizing these events on their own.  Even organizing pot-luck suppers together.  They are disciplined and encourage that in each other.  Because of a strong training program, they make the best use of their time to perform their academic work… even studying on a Friday night together because they have an early start to training on a Saturday morning!”
Paul Bennett, Nicolas Bennett’s dad –  Yellowknife, NWT

“Amanda wanted to attend university as well as further pursue competitive cross country as it is her passion. It was a big decision deciding where to invest her time and talent after high school. The choice of the Alberta World Cup Academy is one of the best decisions we have made and continue to be very impressed.

Amanda is studying math at the University of Calgary. It is ranked within the top 10 schools in Canada and offers many facilities of study to choose from. We believe she is getting an excellent education.

In addition, the Academy offers Amanda an opportunity to train with other athletes that are nationally ranked in a very supportive and fun team environment. The Academy has  outstanding  coaching based in Calgary.
The proximity to Canmore offers a great location to train and is very convenient for a number of racing events.

We are very happy to fully endorse the Academy that allows for a great academic and training experience for Amanda. “

Michelle Edwards, Amanda Thompson’s mother – Whitehorse, Yukon

Interested in this program?  Please share your contact information and we will make sure to let you know of any developments.  Make sure to include your email address!!

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