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Athlete Information

Information for December 17

Updated Course Map Information:


Race Invitation: Canmore 2017 WPNS World Cup Race Invitation and Accomodations package

Important Additional Information:

  • Flight itinerary

Please email your teams flight itinerary to the Competition Secretary gjenkins@albertaworldcup.com , this allows the Canada Boarder Services Agency to prepare for processing of your team & equipment.

CBSA International Event Recognition Letter , which facilitates border procedures. It is recommended that exhibitors, carriers, all organizations, and attendees be provided a copy of this letter for presentation to a CBSA Border Services Officer upon their arrival to Canada.
  • Accommodation: 

The Competition Secretary requests teams provide the name of their hotel, or address of private accommodations.

  • Firearms Importation:

Process Firearms Importation     Firearms form 5589-eng

Sample Example – Firearms 5589 form

  • Wax Cabin Procedure:

Bookings prior to 06.12.2017 and after 18.12.2017 are managed as a separate booking through the Canmore Nordic Centre (CNC). Fee is $20 CAD/day. (key deposit of $370 CAD/cabin)    Please email Jocelyn.Knoll@gov.ab.ca

All early bookings are required to return their key to CNC Reception by 06.12.2017.

Early arrival Teams may leave their equipment set-up in their Wax Cabin if prior arrangements have been with the Competition Secretary. CNC will transfer all Wax Cabin keys to the Competition Office located in Biathlon Building.

Competition Office will collect a key deposit of $370 CAD/cabin.

Keys must be returned to the Competition Office no later than 17.12.2017.

  • Fees/Payment

Competition: 20 Euro per race according to the WPNS Competition Fee.

Wax Cabin Key Deposit: $370 CAD

Transformer (110v to 220v) Rental: $100 CAD

Lunch is available in the Bill Warren Training Centre Dec 8-17.

Lunch card : $100/person CAD

Fees will be collected by the Competition Office located in Biathlon Building.

*Cash or Credit card (Credit card + 2.75% processing fee)

  • Biathlon Range:If your team would like to book use of the biathlon range prior to December 6th (first Official Training day), please contact the Canmore Nordic Centre directly at cnc.biathlon@gov.ab.ca
  • Visa: For teams that require an official letter of invitation for VISA processing applications, please complete this form and send to Race Secretary Garth Jenkins, gjenkins@albertaworldcup.com by October 31, 2017


Important information for athletes will be posted here as it is developed and approved with World Para Nordic Skiing.

Please contact clewis@albertaworldcup.com with any questions or for more information.