AWCA- NST athletes Graeme Killick leading Kevin Sandau

AWCA – NST athletes Graeme Killick leading Kevin Sandau

The Alberta World Cup Academy has initiated partnerships with regional high performance teams to provide prospective athletes with a more diverse set of options – as they consider their personal path to international excellence. The network consists of athletes from clubs across Canada who are on teams aligned with the AWCA Training Center training and athlete support systems.

The combination of the core AWCA Training Centre Team and the new Regional Teams enhances our ability to provide the highest possible coaching quality and athlete support. The current network includes approximately 25 athletes representing 12 different youth development clubs from across Canada. Other key features of this high performance network includes integrated high performance sport science, as well as, strength and conditioning support.

Download the complete PDF document, Alberta World Cup Academy Athlete Program and Guidelines 2015/16

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