Now on the Spray River trail

BOB TRUMAN, skierbob.ca January 10, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I had a difficult time deciding where to ski today because of so many excellent choices. Nice problem to have. It’s uplifting to read the trip reports these days…and thanks to everyone for your reports. I would have gladly given up my day on Goat creek to see the wolf on Pocaterra. Carlo is a lucky man to experience such an amazing sighting.

There are still a lot of trails which I haven’t skied on yet this winter, but I never get tired of Goat creek when conditions are good, and today that was my choice but I also decided that I’d ski the home stretch on Spray river east. It turned out to be another wonderful skiing experience on this delightful trail.

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Happy skiers at the iconic Goat creek bridge