Mathias Inniger came to us from Switzerland and speaks warmly of training with the ski team at The Alberta World Cup Academy. Check out the T-shirt!

With the aim to complete three months of my preparation with a good team, I traveled mid-August to Canmore to join the AWCA ski team.
Soon after arriving, I could find that I have landed an absolute perfect location with an amazing team around me!
The team is very professional and wants only the best for the athletes. The team spirit is great and the whole team has welcomed me very kindly.
The training was hard but the beautiful scenery made for it to be a little less hard. With the Haig Glacier Camp and high altitude training in Park City Utah was made for plenty of variety.
Thanks to some training with the World Cup team, I always knew where I stand in comparison with the top athletes.
The training environment of Canmore and the AWCA ski team has definitely earned my award “Best Training Resort and team”! My expectations were all exceeded.

Thanks for the great time I could spend with the AWCA ski team !