December 29, 2014

Those who want to compete in the Jizerská 50 race in two weeks time should hurry up. There are just 250 starting numbers left for the main race with the advantageous online registration expiring on Wednesday 31st December. The current snowfalls and freezing weather have made it possible to produce artificial snow so that the whole course has been made ready and the race will be run a hundred per cent sure given the weather forecast.

“We are happy to see that the weather has turned fine and the winter conditions have finally arrived. The whole ČEZ Jizerská 50 track is now covered with snow while the race preparations continue to run along at full speed. There are some thirty centimetres of artificial and natural snow at potential critical points: at the Bedřichov stadium as well as the early kilometres of the route,” says Martin Koucký, a member of the ČEZ Jizerská 50 Organizing Committee. “According to the weather forecast, it should go on snowing by the start of the Jizerská 50 and the temperature should hover around freezing so that nothing should threaten the race.”

The ČEZ Jizerská 50 weekend will take place on January 9–11, 2015. More ski runners are still invited to enter for all races while there are just 250 starting numbers remaining for the main 50-kilometre course. In the same way, more free places are still available for the other individual races including the new discipline: the Nyč Sport 1.5-kilometre Double-pole Push Sprint. It is possible to get an advantageous entry fee by 31st December when registering online or within the network of Intersport shops all over the Czech Republic. It will also be possible to enter for the race in January 2015, but then the entry fee will be higher.

Worldloppet 2014-15 ČEZ Jizerská 50 in the Czech Republic
Date: January 11, 2015
Place: ski stadium Bedřichov v Jizerských horách, GPS: 50° 47´ 23.93´´ N, 15° 8´ 44.99´´ E
Start: 9.00 am – 8 starting waves
Time limits: 1.00 pm. Jizerká, 2.00 pm. Smědava, 4.30 pm finish
Issuing of starting bibs: January 8-10, 2015, from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm, OC Nisa, Liberec, 50°44’29.305″N, 15°2’56.669″E
Classic technique