20110525132003_GatineauLoppetRelease by Gatineau Loppet. February 16, 2015 (Gatineau, QC) – Day two of the 37th edition of the Gatineau Loppet competitions began with frigid temperatures and unrelenting winds swirling throughout the École secondaire Mont-Bleu site. Yet all participants, from the top ranked elite to the newest amateur, were eager to launch themselves onto the trails of Gatineau Park for the freestyle and snowshoe races.

Gatineau-Loppet-image004-20Here are the race results for the day, followed by an overview of the event.

1st place Ian Murray (2:17:32) Canmore, CAN
2nd place Christopher Ziegler (2:17:47) Winooski, USA
3rd place Conor Thompson (2:17:59) St-Bruno, CAN

1st place Véronique Fortin (2:40:47) Gatineau, CAN
2nd place Ariane Carrier (2:48:39) Jonquière, CAN
3rd place Xinlin Song (2:49:22) Bejing, CHI

1st place Wenlong Xu (1:12:16) Beijing, CHI
2nd place Nicholas Pigeon (1:12:22) Gatineau, CAN
3rd place Song Jia (1:13:27) Beijing, CHI

1st place Dandan Man (1:22:48) Beijing, CHI
2nd place Sheila Kealey (1:26:44) Ottawa, CAN
3rd place Myriam Grenier-Levesque (1:34:21) Val d’or, CAN

1st place Marcus Nussbaum (00:25:35) Ottawa, CAN
2nd place Aidan Kirkham (00:25:38) Kanata, CAN
3rd place Adam Roberge (0:25:38) Prevost, CAN

1st place Zoé Williams (00:28:44) Cantley, CAN
2nd place Katherine Denis (00:29:46) Ottawa, CAN
3rd place Jackie Garso (0:31:37) Lake Clear, USA

1st place Men: Pascal Larouche (00:27:57) Ste-Julie, CAN
1st place Women: Kyria Limoges (00:32:44) Cantley, CAN

1st place Men: Dave McMahon (00:57:23) Chelsea, CAN
1st place Women: Marie-Pier Ricard (1:14:42) Orléans, CAN

Approximately 100 children accompanied by their parents braved the cold to take part in the Mini Sport Échange Outaouais, which, because of the weather, was cut back to 1 km. This untimed race is part of the Carnaval Soleil Polaire, a huge party organized by Orée-du-Parc District Municipal Councillor Mireille Apollon and Parc-de-la-Montagne-Saint-Raymond District Municipal Councillor Louise Boudrias. Entertainment for the kids, music, face-painting and lots more were all moved inside the Mont-Bleu high school as a precaution because of the cold.

The 37th edition of the Gatineau Loppet, the biggest cross-country ski event in Canada, drew close to 2300 skiers from 20 different countries over the weekend. There was something for everyone, from the classic style, to the freestyle, long-distance Loppet Championship, snowshoe races, Chelsea Super sprint jeunesse, and a race for the kids. The organizing committee was delighted to see the tremendous age range (the oldest participant at the 37th edition was 89), and the many families.

The highlights for this 37th edition are as follows:
· The 51 km linear race was again a hit, with 500 registered skiers.
· The Loppet long distance race was won by Ian Murray in the men’s category, and Hongxue Li in the women’s.
· Ian Murray won both long-distance races, i.e. the 51 km classic and the 42 km freestyle.
· More than ten members of the chinese national team took part (4 made it to the podium)
· Pierre Lavoie attended as honorary president, speaker and participant (15 km classic, 42 km freestyle and mini Sport Échange Outaouais)
· Close to 2300 skiers braved the frigid temperatures to take part in the event’s 37th edition.

Gatineau Loppet President Yan Michaud wants to thank all of the skiers, their supporters, the spectators, volunteers, partners and organizers who took part in this year`s event. The next edition of the Gatineau Loppet will be pushed back by two weeks, and will take place on February 26, 27 and 28, 2016, and promises to be something to behold!

For additional information, consult the Gatineau Loppet Web site.

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