The Alberta World Cup Academy (AWCA) is pleased to announce an innovative partnership with the Capital Region Training Group (CRTG)based in the Edmonton area.

To kick off the partnership, AWCA and CRTG will bring together our combined strengths at targeted races in the 2014/15 ski season. A few combined training camps during the ski season are also planned.Capital_Region_Training_Group

The Capital Region Training Group has assembled an impressive group of committed athletes and coaches committed to guiding this partnership, sharing resources with AWCA and focusing on delivery of a cost effective program for the athletes.

This pilot project shapes a new partnership to the benefit of athletes, coaches, and programs at both the Capital Region Training Group (CRTG) and the Alberta World Cup Academy (AWCA). A deliberate, phased approach provides time to form positive relationships, learn from one another’s people and systems, and establish how to best apply professional and volunteer energy to achieve success jointly.

For more information contact
Mike Cavaliere, Alberta World Cup Academy
Glen Cowper, Capital Region Training Group

About CRTG
The Capital Region Training Group is a team of dedicated, high performance, cross country ski racers from various clubs in the Edmonton region who train together regularly; who are training at, or over, 400 hours annually (350+ for Junior Girls). The CRTG was formed in the spring of 2014 with athletes spanning the categories of Junior Boys, Junior Men, and Senior Men. In their first year of training together formally, athletes enjoyed weekly training, sport science supports, regular training camps, and accepted an invitation to participate in an international training camp in Norway through the first half of August.