Coaches’ Update by Mike Cavaliere



* AWCA took 13 of a possible 24 podiums
* AWCA men sweep the podium in 2 of the 4 races
(actually took the Top 5 spots)
* AWCA ladies took 2 of the 4 wins
* AWCA took 4 Olympic spots of the 4 available.

Since May of 2013, we have been focused on the dates January 8,9,11,12. Every time we headed out to a training session or off a camp, these were the dates we all had in the back of our minds and every training session had a purpose. But it was never considered the end – it was really the beginning of a new season.Last weekend was the last chance to qualify for the Olympic winter games in Sochi, and for our U23/Juniors to qualify for their respective World Championships in Val di Fiemme, Italy. In the past, I gave you all a complete breakdown of the events. This time, I would like to provide you with our team’s statistics – because it was a week I personally will never forget.As you review the stats, please remember that this is a national event with all the very best domestic skiers in Canada – who all wanted the same podium spots we did.

Here are the details
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Sprint 10/15km
Sprint 2 15km/30km
Heidi 2nd 5th 1st
Emily 5th 1st
Marlis 6th 9th 11th
Alysson 7th 4th 4th 4th
Daria (juniors) 4th 4th
Graeme 2nd 1st
Kevin 3rd 4th
Chris 5th 5th
Jess 2nd 4th 1st 2nd
Patrick 6th 3rd
Ezekiel 9th 5th
Sebastian 10th 9th
Michael 5th 8th 3rd
Phil 6th 2nd
Russell 8th 4th

With this event sorting out the second half of the season, there is still a lot of great racing left.

Heidi, Emily, Graeme and Jess will all be in Sochi representing Canada, this is a great accomplishment for all of them and a testament to all the hours they train to make this all a reality, sport is fun, but it is not easy.

The sport of cross country skiing is complex and what really makes us proud is seeing our athletes at their best, when it counts. This takes a lot of training and requires a great deal of teamwork, because everything has to come together for a great performances on a certain day.

Just to give you an example, physiologically you have to be trained and adequately rested to take on the Canmore course (some of the toughest in the world).

Athletes have to believe in their program because like any process to improve, you first have to stress the mind and the body to ensure you will reach your potential on the day you need to be at your best. The athletes have to be willing to take risks, Graeme is a good example where he left the group and skied by himself for 15km of 30km to take the win. The wax techs have to choose the right wax and skis, not an easy task in Canmore last week with the ever changing conditions. It is an individual sport that relies on working as a team. Personally, what is really gratifying is I have had the privilege of working with this group for a number of years and to witness the progressions in maturity has been special.

For the rest of the team, they will continue on with their journey and continue to develop, after all they are the future of our sport.

Next stops
Eastern Canadian Championships – Ottawa
Scandinavia Tour (for those who qualify)
US super tour in Vermont
Western Canadian Championships in Prince George BC
National Championships in Cornerbrook Newfoundland

Our thanks to all of you who support the AWCA, because the athletes in Canmore really feel the support of the community.

AWCA Scouting report: Annah Hanthorn


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