Regional High Peformance Athlete & Coach Development Program for Central and Northern Alberta.
The Alberta World Cup Academy initiated a partnership with CRTG (regional high performance team) to provide prospective athletes with a more diverse set of options as they consider their personal path to national and international excellence. The network includes athletes from clubs across Canada. The combination of the core AWCA Training Centre Team and the Regional Teams form an emerging network that will enhance the ability to provide the highest quality athlete support services possible to a wider geographic ski community.

Additional benefits of the AWCA Network include access to club coaching seminars and multi-club camp opportunities that will be available to clubs, youth, and development coaches throughout the Capital region. The athletes in CRTG and the Academy believe in giving back to their clubs as they recognize the important role they have to inspire and motivate younger skiers in the sport. The volunteers and coaches in the Academy Network believe that creating positive collaborative learning opportunities is essential to improving both the participation levels and the quality of skiing throughout the cross country ski community.

It is estimated that the 2015-2016 AWCA Network will directly support approximately 25 high performance athletes representing 12 different youth development clubs. It is estimated that its outreach programs will encompass over 30 youth development coaches that will benefit over 500 young cross country skiers in communities throughout central and northern Alberta.

Download the complete PDF document, Capital Region Training Group 2015-2016 Program

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