Are You A High Performance Athlete Aspiring to the National Team?

Athletes who want to be considered for NTDC/NDC selection are requested to submit an expression of interest letter. The letter must be submitted to the CCC Athlete Services Coordinator,  Susan Gudwer by April 1st, 2016 to be considered for selection. The letter of interest must include the order of the athlete’s preferred NTDC or NDC.

It is highly recommended that athletes asking to be considered for selection for the first time, reference the NTDC and NDC websites for specific guidelines and familiarity with each Centre. Contact with their preferred Centre should then be made by the athlete, preferably before the end of March, to discuss the NTDC or NDC’s guidelines, orientation, program costs and other pertinent details prior to the selection process by the CCC High Performance Committee April 22-24.

Learn more about the Alberta World Cup Academy in Canmore.

Interested in learning more about the Alberta World Cup Academy? Email Chris Jeffries, Head Coach, to schedule a visit with the coaches and members of the Integrated Sports Team, tour the facilities and attend special events.